In all the facilities PWA supports, we engage with the care staff to understand the unique characteristics of the organization.  We then professionally partner with the on site team to provide benefits far surpassing any other approach to wound care.

  • PWA will raise the “standard of wound care” in your facility by educating and training your nursing staff. We provide this by scheduled wound care in-services and continued education during our weekly grand rounds.
  • We strive to build a multi-specialty team approach with the physician as the leader of the team. We provide this method to enhance support, and augment you current wound care program, not replace it.
  • We put into practice a timely and aggressive approach to wound care management. Our physicians make themselves readily available to discuss realistic treatment goals with family members, and answer any questions they may have.
  • Patients can avoid the ordeals associated with lengthy transportation and waiting rooms. Their therapy, meals or daily activities are not disrupted. PWA eliminates the anxiety and discomfort associated with repeated, and costly wound care center visits.
  • PWA’s physicians will also work closely with state surveyors during inspections. We provide a comprehensive documentation which conforms to state regulatory guidelines, reducing the number of possible wound related citations (F314, F385, and F501).
  • Affiliation with our services gives your facility the unique advantage of using our expert wound care physicians as a marketing tool “in the community” and to “referring hospitals” (improving patient census and higher acuity).
  • We utilize cost effective treatment modalities to adhere to your formularies and protocols. PWA’s physicians are not affiliated with any pharmaceutical or supply company.